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rails new

Joel and Kasper start building a group event scheduling app from “rails new”.

Hey everyone! 👋

Welcome to the first episode of Naming Things. In this episode, Kasper and I start building a group event scheduling app from scratch. The idea is that you could generate a unique link for an event and then send that link to your friends so they can vote on the best time.

We didn’t get very far in the end but I really enjoyed working with Kasper and thinking about how scope things down and keep the app as simple as possible. We decided to have no user accounts and start with only the ability to select which dates you’re available rather than date / time.

I’m sorry this was so late! I had a few issues exporting from FinalCut. Hopefully it’ll be a lot smoother next week. 🤞


Naming Things
Naming Things
Joel Drapper
Kasper Timm Hansen